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    Tech Innovation + Digital

    Digitisation, or information technology (IT), involves converting information into digital formats like email, social networks, online commerce, and management tools.

    The goal of IT services is to enhance communication and accelerate the exchange and utilisation of data by overcoming spatial and temporal barriers for everyone.

    With the rapid technological advancements related to computers and the internet during the 2000s, users seek dynamic and innovative experiences, always pursuing speed and progress. Always going faster and further!

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Tech Innovation + Digital

    The wave of digitalisation sweeps across every sector of the economy, transforming all facets of organisations, from internal operations and customer interactions to external partnerships with suppliers and other stakeholders.

    Many consulting firms support dematerialisation, the implementation of management tools (CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.), the creation of e-commerce activities (online sales), intranets, and the management of the customer journey through distribution activities (wholesale/retail) and online sales. New roles and areas of expertise are emerging in the digital sector, that is constantly evolving.

    Why trust Mind Partners?

    Mind Partners collaborates with consulting firms specialising in implementing IT/telecom/digital solutions in France, in Europe, and North America.

    Our team of specialists brings extensive experience in IS, IT, and digital services. We offer recruitment services that perfectly complement those offered by colleagues focusing on technical profiles.

    We are dedicated to addressing transformation and development challenges and assist our clients identify digital profiles.

    While effective process and logistics management are essential for success in the IT sector, our deep understanding of industry professionals guarantees the quality of our work.

    Our culture of innovation and carefully tailored approach foster the open-mindedness and ‘out of the box’ thinking required to excel in this continually evolving sector.

    In a nutshell!

    We assist our clients in hiring for various senior-level positions within their areas of expertise.

    Some positions:

    • Administrative and Financial Director

    • Senior IT Business Engineers

    • Key Account Sales Director

    • Structuring the sales team

    • Information Systems Security Manager

    • Head of Data / Head of Digital

    • Head of New Technology Solutions (IoT – data)

    • IT & Marketing Content Manager

    •  BtoC CRM Project Manager

    •  IS Manager Back Office Stores

    • Business Analysts ERP (Data Management, Finance & Controlling, Order Management, etc.)

    • Social Media Manager

    Contact us

    Our clients in the sector
    Tech Innovation + Digital

    Our clients consist of industrial companies, SMEs, medium-sized enterprises, and large groups. We help them accelerate their development and digital transformation by assisting in creating a digital team, recruiting managers, or structuring e-commerce activity.

    Moreover, we work with specialised companies centered on digitalisation, such as digital service companies (DSCs), e-learning and digital learning groups, BtoB online media, tele-assistance solution providers, cybersecurity experts, and software developers.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Thierry Kling


    Marie Roy


    Pierre-Yves Ratel

    Consultant - B Leader

    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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