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    The term Executive Search refers to rare recruitments with a high level of responsibility. Its uniqueness lies mainly in the method applied, which is precise, personalised according to the talents concerned and tailored to your expectations.

    Mind Partners assists you in the targeted recruitment of your executives and experts.

    Executive search

    What is Executive Search? Did you say Executive Search?

    While the term Executive Search can refer in the English-speaking world to middle management, the established expression today mainly evokes search methods specific to identifying rare and highly-qualified profiles among executives and experts.

    At Mind Partners, we work closely with our clients to provide personalised support and to tailor the search process to their specific needs. We adjust our approach to the specific nature of your context and challenges based on your needs and expectations while scrupulously respecting the ethical codes of the profession.

    The Executive Search approach: the hybrid approach

    In essence, Executive Search introduces complexity into the talent detection strategy and finesse into the conduct of searches. It is a demanding, qualitative, global approach.

    To meet these requirements, Mind Partners offers its clients what we call a “hybrid” approach that ensures both visibility and relevance.

    The hybrid approach is based on the complementarity of traditional advertising and market exploration methods.

    For some clients who wish to recruit completely confidentially, we can work by direct approach only, as we do to identify Top management. 

    See our Top management support and coaching

    The strengths of Mind Partners
    applied to Executive Search recruitment

    The advisory dimension inherent in our Executive Search service ensures that the approach is precisely tailored to meet your expectations.

    The hybrid approach guarantees you optimised search times.

    It also guarantees precise analysis of the market, candidates who are in tune with the market and those who are not officially looking to move – the best profiles are sometimes hidden, and it is our experience and network that allows us to recognise and approach them.

    You remain free to choose from the investigation options we offer. For some clients who wish to recruit completely confidentially, we can work by direct approach only, as we do to identify Top management.

    Mind Partners x Executive Search
    for Private Equity Funds

    As a recognised partner of development capital funds and their holdings, Mind Partners supports their executives and experts during the different phases of the company’s life.

    The creation, structuring or reorganisation of teams are all sensitive periods, and our specialists facilitate these changes taking care of the teams involved and ensuring the company’s business continuity.