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    The Healthcare + Life science sector has earned a well-deserved reputation of excellence in France. It is due to an efficient health system, substantial investments, and a strong industry. It is known for its high-quality products and services, making it a strong competitor in the international market and contributing to its success in global exports.
    This sector encompasses a wide range of specialised fields, with a diverse array of participants, from innovative start-ups to large, leading international companies, some of which are pioneers in their respective specialisations.

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Healthcare + Life science

    The medical sector is a fascinating blend of both public and private sectors, combining the strengths of hospitals with the dynamism of small and very small businesses. (VSEs).

    It is currently experiencing profound transformations driven by the adoption of digital services and advancements in R&D, artificial intelligence, and advanced technological innovations.

    E-Health is introducing new services and career opportunities to meet the growing expectations of patients, driving the evolution of healthcare products and practices.

    Lastly, the medical sector is subject to strict, ever-evolving regulations at local and global levels, making compliance a prerequisite for market access.

    Why trust Mind Partners?

    Our innovative “occupation-based” approach allows us to fully understand the recruitment needs and challenges of this industry.

    From middle management to senior management positions, we provide comprehensive support to our clients, encompassing all essential functions: legal, regulatory, research and development, marketing, sales, production, logistics/supply chain, and technical/software.

    Quality recruitment is a key factor for success in organisations with optimised staffing levels often structured in a matrix format, favouring project-based work and constantly adapting to market fluctuations.

    At Mind Partners, we meticulously select individuals who not only meet the required skill set, but also integrate into your unique culture and values.

    In a nutshell!

    We assist our clients in hiring for various senior-level positions within their areas of expertise.

    Some positions:

    International Sales Manager

    Supply Chain Manager

    Centre Director

    Production Manager

    • Area Manager, Europe

    Embedded Software Manager

    Range Manager

    Director of Regulatory Affairs

    Contact us

    Our clients in the sector
    Healthcare + Life science

    Our client partners include public and private stakeholders, hospitals, manufacturers and distributors of Medical Devices and equipment, from the simplest to the most complex.

    • Hospitals,
    • Medical devices from class I to class III,
    • Heavy equipment,
    • Telecare solutions,
    • Biotechnology,
    • Medical/veterinary imaging,
    • Design and management of health centres,
    • Treatment of infectious risk waste,
    • Software dedicated to Health, etc.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Valérie Chomel

    Consultant - B Leader

    Marie Roy


    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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