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    Lifestyle + Luxury

    After spectacular years lately, the success of the Lifestyle + Luxury sector is expected to continue in the years to come. And even if the forecasts predict a slowdown in growth, all categories of this market will benefit.

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Lifestyle + Luxury

    The Luxury sector is a market that offers high-end products and services to a discerning clientele. It is known for its exclusive and unique offerings and the exceptional experiences it provides.

    Lifestyle + Luxury are associated with artisan skills, expertise, and tradition, passed down from a rich history of prestigious creations. Luxury products, often crafted from fine materials, are frequently handmade by skilled artisans.

    The Luxury sector is ultimately defined by its global market. Internationalisation is, therefore, a significant challenge for luxury brands, as they must adapt their marketing strategies to each local market while staying true to the traditional values and excellence that characterise this exceptional sector.

    Why trust Mind Partners?

    The highly specific Lifestyle + Luxury sector requires a particular taste for the values it conveys, an understanding of its requirements, and an intimate knowledge of its clientele.

    At Mind Partners, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the occupations involved, the market and its players. This is an asset that allows us to get as close as possible to the client’s needs.

    Our tailored approach and our ability to offer unique and differentiated services have earned us recognition from industry professionals.

    We support our clients in their development or transformation, external growth and international development.

    In a nutshell!

    We assist our clients in hiring for various senior-level positions within their areas of expertise.

    Some positions:

    SME Manager for a Luxury craft brand

    Director of development for a magazine dedicated to the arts

    Administrator for a museum

    Publisher for a design publishing house

    Photographic agent for a global group

    Architect for an architecture and design agency

    Workshop manager for a living heritage company

    Marketing product manager for an international luxury group

    Scenographer for a production company

    Sponsorship manager for a group of museums

    E-Commerce and digital manager for an expert brand

    Shoe stylist for a designer house – Development director for a specialist communications agency

    Art buyer for a French luxury brand

    Communications Director for an architectural firm

    Architecture & Heritage Team for a luxury hotel group

    General Manager for a construction group – Building renovation

    Heritage architect for an arts and crafts company

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    Our clients in the sector
    Lifestyle + Luxury

    As the Luxury sector is extremely multifaceted, it is customary to distinguish luxury products from the luxury experience (Bain&Company).

    Consequently, Luxury products (watches, handbags, jewellery, etc.), Cars, Hotels, Wines and spirits, Gastronomy, Equipment and materials, Art, Private jets and yachts, Cruises and specialist Media are listed.

    The organisations involved are also extremely diverse. We work with Large Luxury Groups, whether listed on the stock exchange or not, as well as for SMEs and ISEs. We also support the interior design and architecture sector, artists and craftspeople and other micro-businesses.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Irène de Boisgrollier


    Marie Roy


    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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