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    Real Estate + Construction

    The Real Estate + Construction sector is becoming an increasingly strategic area.

    The establishment of dedicated real estate departments in many companies has become a major asset for creating value and improving financial performance.

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Real Estate + Construction

    In these markets, professionals are proactively adapting their businesses to stay ahead of rapid developments.

    The Commercial Real Estate landscape is evolving constantly, with projects now spanning multiple sectors and disciplines, including asset management, arbitration, and development.

    Most often, Real Estate Directors play a pivotal role in the Executive Committee, collaborating closely with departments such as Purchasing, Finance, Legal, and Corporate. Their responsibilities now extend to new areas, such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), employee well-being, innovation, and engagement with public authorities.

    Why trust Mind Partners?

    Our teams’ expertise and professionalism in this key sector are highly respected, built upon specialised business knowledge, technical excellence, and extensive international market experience.

    We collaborate with organisations that are emerging as major player and expert in emerging fields of expertise. We specialise in identifying essential skills and sourcing talent familiar with international environments.

    By tailoring our approach and deeply understanding our clients’ needs, culture, and values, we ensure sustainable, high-quality recruitment.

    We possess an extensive network of candidates and a clear comprehension of the requirements.

    In a nutshell!

    We assist our clients in hiring for various senior-level positions within their areas of expertise.

    Some positions:

    Design and Implementation: Architect Engineer, Delegated Project Management (DPM), Project Management Assistance (PMA), Project Manager (PM)

    Programme Director

    Director of Operations

    Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development

    Real Estate Project Manager

    Commercial Real Estate: Technical Due Diligence, Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying

    New occupations, both physical and digital: Building services (building management), Community Management (of customer events)

    Niche occupations undergoing rapid change: Investment + Capital MarketsResidential (serviced residences, managed residences, senior residences, co-living, hotels, etc.) retail and offices

    Financial property management: Asset management, marketing, and development in interaction with other company functions (Purchasing, General Services, Finance, Business, and Legal)

    Contact us

    Our clients in the sector
    Real Estate + Construction

    We offer valuable guidance to a wide range of clients in Commercial Real Estate, including End-Users, Service Providers (offering transaction management, leasing, project management, property management, and valuation & advisory) and Property Services specialists.

    We address operational challenges related to retail network development and branch property management, as well as “corporate challenges” in QHSE issues, workspace layout, premises administration, facilities management, and employee work organisation (Flex Office).

    The organisational aspect has gained whole new dimension with the increase in remote working following COVID.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Thierry Kling


    Valéryane Elphick

    Managing Partner
    Mind Partners
    United Kingdom

    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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