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in France, in the UK&I and in North America

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  • Mind Partners, your permanent international specialist headhunting firm

    Mind Partners specialises in retained headhunting for Executive, Senior Management and Expert.

    A specialist recognised for its tailored approach, Mind Partners assists senior management, executive committees and human resources departments in the search for leaders who will shape the future of their organisations in France, in the UK&I and North America.

    Mind Partners focuses on senior executives, business leaders and non-managerial experts across all business sectors.

    Calling upon Mind Partners guarantees professionalism, quality, agility, know-how and integrity. With access to our extensive network, you will quickly find talent that reflects you and will help your company grow.

    Tailored executive recruitment services

    Top Management

    Managers, directors, and C-suite executives: Mind Partners offers specific expertise in identifying and approaching candidates to recruit critical Senior positions for your organisation.

    Executive Search

    Mind Partners also uses its carefully tailored approach to recruit executives and experts with rare and sought-after skills.

    France + United-Kingdom & Ireland + North America

    Mind Partners can research and conduct assignments everywhere in France, the UK&I, Europe, and North America from our offices in London, Paris and NYC.

    Why use our executive search specialists?

    Choosing Mind Partners when recruiting gives you a simplified solution built around your needs and values: we conduct the search, and you save time!

    Our consultants are experts in the fields in which they recruit. They also guarantee the calibre of applications meets your requirements.

    For you, we search for and select the best candidates to match your specifications; we assess those candidates based on their professional experience and personal skills. Next, we identify the profiles best qualified to match your search. Finally, we draw up a shortlist of candidates matching your skill requirements and corporate culture.

    Our experience in recruitment means you benefit from our highly effective, tailored methodology.

    Meet new profiles (and find the perfect match)

    Mind Partners maintains an extensive network of candidates with expertise in all business sectors, including profiles not visible in the market.

    Some candidates wish to be discreet about their potential availability. Still, our talent identification methods allow us to keep this network up to date daily, ready to put the right people in touch at the right time!

    For all these reasons, Mind Partners guarantees a top-quality, tailored recruitment process for each new assignment.

    Who might use an executive search specialist?

    Carefully tailored recruitment is essential for all companies, start-ups, SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises. We work with both family-owned groups and companies owned by private equity funds.

    Whatever your company’s size and sector, you benefit from our experience searching for specialised profiles: Mind Partners is a retained Executive Search specialist operating across all business sectors, finding all types of expertise.

    Are you an investment fund?

    private equity and venture capital fund portfolio companies

    + We recruit the people you need for your portfolio companies

    We work with private equity funds and their portfolio companies throughout their organisational changes (including team structuring, growth management, reorganisation, and ownership changes).

    + We help you to structure your senior management team

    We allow you to structure your Executive Committee. We identify business buyers, leaders, board members and experts in various sectors.

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