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    Industrial + Engineering + Manufacturing

    The Industrial + Engineering + Manufacturing sector is currently facing unprecedented structural and organisational challenges.

    In an ultra-competitive international landscape, technological, environmental, and social revolutions are shaking up companies and imposing higher levels of adaptability and innovation on them.

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Industrial + Engineering + Manufacturing

    In the fast-paced industrial landscape, traditional and modern production methods coexist, presenting a unique opportunity for companies to create innovative and unified teams.

    By prioritising progressive recruitment strategies and defining new occupational roles, businesses can position themselves to capitalise on the future and harness pivotal opportunities.

    Why trust Mind Partners?

    Since 2013, Mind Partners has been providing exceptionnal assistance to clients in this demanding and ever-changing environment on a daily basis, with recruiting top industry experts being a key aspect of our expertise.

    Our team excels in dealing with passionate, field-oriented professionals and speaks their language.

    Our consultants, experienced in a variety of industry-specific challenges and dedicated to a tailored approach, make on-site visits to truly grasp our clients’ specific environments.

    Conducting an organisational audit helps us to fully understand their challenges and engage in projects with a strong consulting expertise.

    In a nutshell!

    We assist our clients in hiring for various senior-level positions within their areas of expertise from R&D to General Management, including operational functions (including production, QHSE, methods, maintenance, supply chain, and continuous improvement), whatever the level of seniority and area of expertise required.

    We also participate in strategic recruitments, coupling business operational issues and operational support: Industry 4.0 Managers, Shop Floor or Industrial Director posts include in their scope innovations in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, cryptography or quantum information.

    Some postions:

    • Chief Operating Officer (COO),

    Multi-site Industry Management (France, UK, Europe),

    Industrial site manager(s),

    Technical Director,

    Methods Manager, Maintenance,

    QHSE Manager,

    Supply Chain Manager,

    Lean Management Manager,

    Transformation Manager.

    Contact us

    Our clients in the sector
    Industrial + Engineering + Manufacturing

    • Agri-food,
    • Aeronautics,
    • Space,
    • Automotive,
    • Pharmaceutical,
    • Health / medical,
    • Construction materials / equipment / construction,
    • Luxury (leather goods, perfume, cosmetics, wines & spirits, delicatessen),
    • Collection, sorting and recovery of waste (domestic, industrial, hazardous),
    • Water treatment and distribution.

    Our areas of expertise
    Industrial + Engineering + Manufacturing

    • Environment,
    • Research & Development,
    • Testing laboratories,
    • Tools,
    • Industrialisation,
    • Projects,
    • Logistics,
    • Methods,
    • Maintenance,
    • Production,
    • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE),
    • Continuous improvement (Lean manufacturing / management, Lean Six Sigma),
    • Chief Operating Officer.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Pierre-Yves Ratel

    Consultant - B Leader

    Sibylle Hubert

    Consultant - B Leader
    Paris London

    Marie Roy


    Valéryane Elphick

    Managing Partner
    Mind Partners
    United Kingdom

    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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