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    Agri-food + Wines + Spirits

    The agri-food industry is now one of the leading industrial sectors in France.

    In a context of profound societal and environmental changes, it faces many simultaneous challenges in ensuring production consistent with world demographics.

    Some key challenges in the agri-food, wines and spirits sector:

    • Increased production of renewable energy,
    • Eco-friendly transition to the circular economy and its maintenance,
    • Extended producer responsibility (EPR),
    • The promotion of eco-design and the incorporation of recycled materials,
    • Combating biodiversity loss and climate change,
    • The agroecological approach and sustainable consumption,
    • Transparency of information for the consumer,
    • Optimisation of production and distribution chains,
    • Employment and training,
    • The healthiness and nutritional quality of the products,
    • Public health issues.

    source : https://www.agro-media.fr/analyse/les-grands-defis-a-poursuivre-de-lindustrie-agroalimentaire-31335.html

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Agri-food + Wines + Spirits

    Professionals in the agri-food sector are currently talking about an unprecedented difficulty in recruiting.

    Yet the industry is in a position to highlight its attractiveness based both on its ability to preserve traditional skills and expertise (low tech, low carbon) and its ability to continuously innovate to become even more eco-friendly.

    The current trend in organic farming, for example, opens up prospects for renewal, with skills ripe for development and new markets, exports, for instance, to conquer.

    Technical progress (automation, use of robots, digital modelling, additive manufacturing (3D printing), use of drones, IoT, data collection and analysis, artificial intelligence, and the cobot (collaborative robots interacting with humans), etc.) also offer attractive prospects.

    Why call on Mind Partners?

    With experience in the specific challenges the sector faces, the firm has made recruiting industrial specialists one of the cornerstones of its expertise.

    We are committed to a tailored approach, and in addition to our existing knowledge of the sector, we travel to our clients’ sites to get to know their specific environments.

    The astonishing variety of agri-food and spirits companies multiplies the problems encountered by professionals in the sector. And the diversity of sometimes unusual needs requires specialist support.

    Our team is used to dealing with these passionate, field-oriented people and understands their language. In the current context of strategic and organisational changes, we are recognised for our ability to build the future alongside them, working on innovative recruitment and defining new, emerging professions.

    In a nutshell!

    We support our clients in recruiting for a variety of roles, regardless of the level of seniority and area of expertise required.

    • International R&D and Local Marketing Manager

    • Process Engineering R&D Engineer

    • Wine Quality and Communication Engineer

    • Brand Identity Manager

    • Microbiology & Biochemistry expert

    • IT & Marketing Content Manager

    • Deputy Director of Marketing

    • Quality and Environment Director

    • Sales, Marketing and Logistics Director

    • Production Director

    • Administrative and Financial Director

    • UK Sales Manager

    • Digital/E-Commerce Director

    • Digital Project Managers

    • Managing Director

    Contact us

    Our areas of expertise in the sector
    Agri-food + Wines + Spirits

    • Environment,
    • Research & Development,
    • Testing laboratories,
    • Tools,
    • Industrialisation,
    • Projects,
    • Logistics,
    • Methods,
    • Maintenance,
    • Production,
    • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE),
    • Continuous improvement services (Lean manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma),
    • Chief Operating Officer.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Pierre-Yves Ratel

    Consultant - B Leader

    Marie Roy


    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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