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  • Mind Partners, a tailored approach at every stage of the recruitment process

    At Mind Partners, we work with you to define the tailored search methodology ideally suited to you to guarantee the quality and speed of recruiting your future employees.

    We are at your side at every stage of the recruitment process and adapt to your needs, from finding out about your company to confirming your new employees’ contracts.


    Getting to know your company, your culture and your values

    Finding out about your company and its history and understanding its culture and challenges is the first step in the process. It allows us to define the profile best suited to your environment in terms of occupational and interpersonal skills.

    We meet with everyone involved in recruitment, from your head office to your production sites.

    We immerse ourselves in your corporate culture and ensure we have a global view of your situation so we fully understand your expectations and can support you effectively.


    Understanding your business sector, context and strategy

    At the same time, we study your market and analyse the main trends so we understand your context and the specifics of your strategy. We then draw up the specifications for your offer.

    Whether it is a question of development or reorganisation, change management, redefining scope, or even establishing a new activity, our approach is tailored to you and for you, and each of our searches is designed to meet your challenges.


    Defining the post and the profile

    Reporting structures and team organisation, project definition, and specific assignments will be clearly specified, as will the business skills and knowledge of the environment and specific context involved. This stage in analysing the postholder’s role is crucial in defining the ideal candidate profile, aptitudes (for adaptation, transformation and development, innovation, structuring or management…) and technical skills.


    Establishing the search and communication strategy

    We work with you to identify where to look for the right person, in which markets and sectors, within which types of organisations, and through which channels.

    Finally, we define the ideal means of communication for this recruitment: do you prefer to communicate officially on behalf of your brand or discreetly? Do you want to mix the two approaches?

    We respect your confidentiality and adjust the way we work to suit you.


    Selecting the best profiles and presenting a shortlist

    Our job is, first and foremost, to explore the market and suggest the most appropriate candidates for your needs.

    We identify profiles based on specific job criteria and experience defined alongside you and formalised in the job description.

    As well as verifying the essential technical and sectoral skills, we pay particular attention to the personality criteria and professional goals of the people we meet. We integrate the analysis of these “soft skills” (interpersonal and emotional skills, behavioural style, and motivation) into our choice and select the most coherent profiles for the post on offer.

    Applicants are carefully screened and continue the recruitment process through individual interviews with our consultants.

    While we always look for the candidate that most closely matches your expectations, sometimes a candidate with a slightly different quality or experience stands out. If they represent an excellent alternative, we also present them to you, opening further possibilities.

    During this stage, you will receive a personalised summary for each of the profiles met, and we will take the time to explain the differences between the candidates.

    In addition, we can provide you with candidate assessment tools using our certified Mind Partners coaches.


    Finalising recruitment

    Once we establish, you choose the candidate(s) you wish to meet. We facilitate the organisation of the interviews, working to an optimised timetable and providing the necessary mediation for both parties.

    We take up different types of references for the candidate you wish to hire from people outside the process to validate the information collected during the interviews. We are there at your side to help you choose the best profile for your needs. Finally, we guide you in formulating the employment offer and are readily available until the candidate accepts it.

    In addition to these steps, we guarantee the recruitment of your employee during the entire trial period. If they leave their post within this period, we launch a new recruitment process at no additional cost.

    Please feel free to consult our client references. Our clients are often our best ambassadors and are happy to discuss our methodology and achievements with you.

    Tailored executive recruitment services

    Top Management

    Managers, directors, and C-suite executives: Mind Partners offers specific expertise in identifying and approaching candidates to recruit critical Senior positions for your organisation.

    Executive Search

    Mind Partners also uses its carefully tailored approach to recruit executives and experts with rare and sought-after skills.

    France + United-Kingdom & Ireland + North America

    Mind Partners can research and conduct assignments everywhere in France, the UK&I, Europe, and North America from our offices in London, Paris and NYC.

    Specific support for private equity funds and portfolio companies

    Picto identification

    Identifying leaders

    Picto comité

    Structuring Management Committees


    Organisational change