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    Mind Partners is a member of France Invest, the preferred partner of investment funds and their portfolio companies.

    From venture capital to private equity, Mind Partners offer invaluable support during the delicate phases of companies’ growth or turnaround.

    Mind Partners supports leaders and founders in organising their strategy by recruiting the right talents for their organisation.  Mind Partners recruits members of Executive Committees, Senior Managers and Leaders and all key members in the company.

    Why use a specialist for your private equity recruitment?

    Our knowledge of the specific relationships between Funds and Portfolio companies and their issues means we can act as effective facilitators in structuring organisations. Our team bring its expertise to bear, whether in an LBO, MBI, LBI or MBO context, to identify and establish the Executives essential to your success.

    Our understanding of the different environments in which startups, SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises operate, and the way our consultants specialise by occupation and/or business sector, allow us to explore the strategic, organisational and human vision of your business in depth while they are under construction or in transformation.

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    Our constant interaction with the market helps us to develop trust-based relationships with high-level executives looking for opportunities and leaders who want to become involved in investments.

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    Management Committees

    We assist senior managers in structuring their companies by recruiting the various members of their Management Committees (senior management teams) or Executive Committees and other key roles in the company.



    Our understanding of the challenges SME and intermediate-sized enterprise managers face, and the close relationship we maintain with our clients and candidates are the best guarantees of successful organisational change.

    What are the challenges involved in private equity recruitment?

    Capital development fund portfolio companies regularly undergo cycles of profound change.

    Whether this involves a change in ownership, a C-suite relaunch, or structural reorganisations, these sensitive phases in a company’s life must be handled carefully to ensure the teams involved feel heard, supported and reassured.

    Identifying personal and collective levers (values, motivations, skills enhancement, personal development, multi-skilling, training/coaching, etc.) ensures portfolio companies’ sustainability.

    Whatever the change in management you are planning for your portfolio company, we can help.

    Whether it involves : creating, structuring or reorganising the top management team.

    In a phase of :
    rapid growth, opening new markets, turnaround phase, a change in the equity structure or a digital transformation…

    These client funds are our best ambassadors

    Mind Partners is delighted to introduce these private equity and venture capital funds that have placed their trust in us. You are welcome to see our references, and our clients are ready to discuss our methodology and achievements.