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    Legal + Tax

    The legal and tax departments shoulder many responsibilities on behalf of any company. They guarantee compliance with the various regulations and legislation applicable. They also ensure the compliance of actions and contracts entered into by the company from its inception and throughout its existence.

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Legal + Tax

    Legal and Tax Departments work cross-functionally, working and interacting constantly with all other departments and with all the company’s operational staff.

    They are increasingly integrated into the companies’ development and strategy, with their managers increasingly being members of their company’s Management or Executive Committees.

    Why call on Mind Partners?

    We understand the specific features of an occupation that requires legal sophistication and business orientation, both of which are vital to the legal security of our clients’ businesses.

    Our expertise and experience in legal and tax recruitment ensure that we understand your needs and constraints.

    We bring you an objective analysis that draws on our long experience and our very active network in these areas. We offer you practical and realistic solutions.

    Our deep understanding of the legal profession and our experience in the field make all the difference when identifying candidates and initiating discussions on your behalf.

    In a nutshell!

    We assist our clients in recruiting for roles within legal and tax departments, regardless of the level of seniority and area of expertise required.

    Some typical posts:

    • Lawyer, tax specialist, legal or tax manager, legal or tax director, director of social relations and/or affairs

    Business law, contract law, economic law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, stock exchange law, contract law, competition law, distribution law, intellectual property law, personal data, public law, environmental law, labour law, tax law, etc.

    We also assist law firms in recruiting associate lawyers, counsels or partners and in team recruitment.

    Contact us

    Our clients in the sector
    Legal + Tax

    We work for all types of companies, all sectors and all sizes: listed companies, unlisted companies, multinationals, ISEs, SMEs, and startups.

    Our clients include players in BtoB and BtoC specialist retail, digital marketing agencies, wealth management firms, CSR experts, service providers, the pharmaceutical, luxury and entertainment industries, banks and agribusiness, etc.

    The law firms that place their trust in us are French independent firms, Parisian and regional boutiques, and niche firms, as well as British businesses.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Blandine Pellat


    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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