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  • Louis-Marie Simoneau, founder of Groupe Mind Partners
  • Publié le 12 March 2024
    Out of the box!

    Louis-Marie Simoneau, founder of Groupe Mind Partners

    🚨 Let us introduce you to Louis-Marie Simoneau, the founder of Groupe Mind Partners.
    Careful! Despite his discreet demeanor, this man has a lot to say and to share…

    🌟 Why Mind Partners?
    After spending 14 years in an Anglo-Saxon recruitment ecosystem, I felt the urge to venture into entrepreneurship. I am immensely grateful for the skills I acquired during those years. However, every day, I revel in the adventure I embarked upon in 2013 when I create Mind Partners.
    It’s a journey filled with highs and lows, I explore SMEs and ETIs ecosystems and I am still incredibly amazed by their power and will. I believe most of them should be highlighted much more.

    💥 What defines your Firm?
    When I founded Mind Partners, It was to be closer to my clients, offering tailored solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Along the way, I also discovered the world of private equity, which captivated me with its ability to accelerate the growth of SMEs and ETIs. It also made me fully appreciate the strengh those companies possess and supporting their daily expansion brings me immense joy.

    🕙 A Decade of Insights
    I’ve come to realise that France often underestimates the power and the string of its industrie. Remarkable stories of SMEs and ETIs are waiting to be told and higlighted. Additionally, I’ve witnessed the occasional solitude experienced by some leaders. It’s fulfilling to lend my expertise in such moments.
    To contribute to the global expansion of French businesses, I decided to establish offices in London and New York. These locations support our clients European and North American expansion.

    🚀 The Future Ahead
    I’m committed! Mind Partners will continue to grow steadily, preserving the close candidate-client relationship. As part of the energy transition, I aspire to become a leading player in CSR recruitment. Our internal journey of continuous improvement, backed by our B Corp certification from B Lab France, propels us forward.
    Feel free to connect and share this inspiring journey! 🌟

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