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    Do you need support over expanding geographical areas to achieve your goals? In France? In the UK&I? In Europe? In the United States ? In Canada ? Would you like to work with a reliable partner, one you trust and who is accountable to you?

    While Mind Partners currently focus their specialist permanent recruitment consultancy on France, the UK and the United States, our offices based in Paris, London and New York allow us to support you across the whole of the Euro and northamerican zone. Our knowledge of the markets is a major asset for our clients, future clients and job candidates because we tailor our service offering to their specific cultural and legal requirements. We help you to recruit the right people in different markets while promoting your strengths and values.

    Recruit internationally
    through our offices in France, in the UK&I and in North America

    You want
    to strengthen your team

    We search for, select and offer you profiles from middle and senior managers capable of upholding your organisation’s values and integrating with your teams. 

    We have the experience to identify the experts who will fit in and thrive in your context. 

    In a multicultural environment where companies may not be unknown locally, we use our local networks to help you attract the very best talent.

    You want
    to set up a new entity

    We identify professionals with the right expertise, profile and ambition to set up a new entity for your parent company and implement the desired strategy.

    Our network of candidates based in other markets allows us to select these profiles from all over Europe to North America, giving you access to a variety of specialists to add value to your organisation.

    You have
    acquired a new entity

    Do you want to establish a presence in France, the UK&I or in North America by purchasing a distributor or a competitor?

    The success of business acquisitions relies heavily on recruiting the right people.

    We are accustomed to situations where expectations differ from one party to another, and we help you to gain a better understanding of your internal partners.

    Picto Europe

    We help you recruit: Country Managers, Country Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Heads of Sales, Business Unit Managers, Operations Managers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Technical Officers, Managing Directors, Marketing Directors, Digital Marketing Directors, Key Account Directors/Managers, and Chief Financial Officers.

    Mind Partners’ strengths
    applied to your international recruitment

    + Mutual listening and understanding

    Established in multiple locations, we understand cultural differences and know first-hand the specifics of recruiting in a different environment from the head office.

    + Simplifying recruitment

    At Mind Partners, we work as a team on your recruitment, ensuring a simplified personal line of communication: we offer you a turnkey service with a single point of contact responsible for all your recruitment projects.

    Remote interviews can be complemented by local face-to-face meetings in subsidiaries and international markets.

    + Integrity, clarity and transparency

    Adapting the narrative of your business project to the cultural specifics of the market you are recruiting in is crucial. So we take the time to work with you, building the pitch that will best position your organisation and your strategy to candidates.

    + Tailored recruitment strategy

    Habits vary from one country to another: each has its own preferred recruitment channel, its own pace, its own codes of practice and its own focuses. We help you distinguish between what is anecdotal for some and fundamental for others.

    + Intercultural competence verification

    We assess candidates’ proficiency in all European languages and beyond (we speak French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German in-house).