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  • Valéryane Elphick, Managing Partner of Mind Partners UK, a UK recruitment specialist… and not just!
  • Publié le 06 June 2024
    News Mind Partners

    Valéryane Elphick, Managing Partner of Mind Partners UK, a UK recruitment specialist… and not just!

    Valeryane Elphick, Managing Partner of Mind Partners UK, is a talented professional based in London who has allowed herself to be discovered…

    🤹🏽‍♀️ Valéryane, how would you introduce yourself?

    I’m often described as a blend of Brittany, Australia, and England. This rings true – drawing inspiration from Breton entrepreneurship in my upbringing and experiencing 25 years of diverse professional and personal environments.

    🤩 What motivates you?

    My passion lies in educating and supporting others.
    My time in New-Zealand, Australia and the UK revealed that educating and assisting French companies greatly enhanced their international expansion. Navigating local markets and cultural nuances is a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect.

    🧡 Today, do you feel more French or Anglo-Saxon at heart?

    Having lived in London for 12 years, I feel a sense of English identity due to the freedom of expression, mindset, and respect for individuality.
    However, my French roots are deeply ingrained, evident in my dedication to company values and work culture, not to mention a love for gastronomy and wine!
    I believe Mind Partners UK effectively combines the best of both worlds: pragmatism, freedom, and a strong sense of commitment.

    🍀 What does Mind Partners UK rhymes with?

    A crazy move!

    The adventure started two months after the Brexit vote, it was a real gamble in this context!

    My goal was to offer a tailor-made executive search service, providing a precise understanding of the challenges faced by clients and candidates, along with key advice for their international recruitment strategy. As far as I know, there wasn’t really an offer positioned in this way.

    When Louis-Marie Simoneau and I joined forces, we aimed to establish a new standard in the recruitment industry based on our shared values and vision.
    We were pioneers in the UK market, providing support to French companies by leveraging our local economic and cultural knowledge.

    Today, our commitment to corporate social responsibility continues to distinguish us.

    🔜 What’s next?

    If you’ve been following along: France 2013, UK 2018, North America 2023. Why not expand into the Middle East or Asia?

    We will expand wherever our customers need our expertise. The field of action is vast, as are the needs, while maintaining our boutique spirit and local teams.

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