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  • Valérie Chomel, recruitment consultant, passionate about assessment
  • Publié le 22 May 2024
    News Mind Partners

    Valérie Chomel, recruitment consultant, passionate about assessment

    Always with ❤️, let’s carry on presentations.

    Time to introduce the women of our team: Valérie Calvet-Chomel contributes to the success of our firm with many strings in her bow … 🏹

    🎨 Valérie, how would you describe yourself?

    By what I love! Learning, understanding others, being useful. Fundamentally, taking care of people.
    As a recruitment consultant, I strive to understand candidates’ motivations and highlight who they truly are. I ensure they are well-suited to the role, and beyond that, to the client’s company culture and project.
    As a colleague, I am committed to fostering what strengthens bonds, cohesion, and the smooth running of the firm. This translates to lending a hand or giving advice, creating processes, leading internal communication… I like people to feel good.

    🤹‍♀️ What is your mission today?

    At the risk of repeating myself, my priority is to contribute to the growth and development of individuals and teams.
    Beyond my recruitment duties, I thrive in assessment roles for our clients: our approach at Mind Partners is to offer different perspectives based on decision-making tools for which I am certified. I support organisations in their optimisation projects.

    🌈 Why Mind Partners?

    For the freedom to think and act: here you can be yourself, without fitting into boxes. We experience true freedom, with a sense of responsibility and correlated results.
    Also, for the firm’s approach: people matter more than what they do, we really aim to understand the individual, their workings, and their deepest aspirations.

    🔮 How do you see your future?

    I strive for a better balance between recruitment and individual and collective coaching. This would reflect stronger involvement and openness from companies to the alignment between candidates’ drivers and missions.

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