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  • Mind Partners x Laurence Couturier, a partnership for solidarity
  • Publié le 06 May 2024
    News Mind Partners

    Mind Partners x Laurence Couturier, a partnership for solidarity

    As you know, we’re supporting Laurence COUTURIER as she prepares for the ‘Marathon pour Tous’ at the #Paris2024 Olympics.
    But do you know why? 🎙🎺🥁

    😍 Because Laurence has values that inspire us

    An amateur sportswoman, she is courageous, committed and generous. What drives her is ‘discovering, exploring, living, laughing, taking on challenges of all kinds, doing good around me, bringing people together, breathing fresh air, travelling, sharing…’. Not least of all!

    😎 Because Laurence has tried the impossible

    Initially, she and her partner had a joint project. They dreamt of doing the ‘Marathon pour Tous’ together: ‘0.17% chance of being drawn for a boy, to be multiplied by the 0.34% chance of being drawn for a girl, i.e. a 0.06% chance of both of us being drawn’. A dream!

    The ‘Marathon pour Tous’ is an experiment open to the general public based on random draws from people who have completed sporting challenges over the last two years.

    As part of the Paris Olympic Games, the event will take place on the night of 10 to 11 August between the elite men’s and women’s marathons, on their respective courses. With entertainment at every kilometre, live bands and a special area for families and supporters, this unique popular event, both sporting and festive, promises to be unforgettable…

    The 0.06% of luck they had: ‘Personally, I don’t believe in fatality, but what’s happening to us is still pretty huge!

    💝 And she wants to share her good fortune today…

    Laurence has decided to use the media coverage of this race to ‘give back to humanity a little of her personal good fortune’.

    After losing her grandmother to Alzheimer’s disease in 2005, she now sees her father, a former researcher, university lecturer and director of studies at an engineering school, also suffering from the disease: ‘I know the stages we’re going to go through: I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I know that many other families are going through the same ordeal. In France, 1.3 million people are affected and over 3 million are directly affected by the disease. Every year, 225,000 new cases are diagnosed, and the situation is set to worsen inexorably as the population ages and life expectancy increases. I need to give meaning to my actions’.

    It’s obvious that she is placing her race under the banner of solidarity, and we are proud to relay her appeal for donations to the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

    ❤️Pour to support Laurence’s fund-raising campaign for research: https://lnkd.in/duUayuwe

    #sharing #recruitment #committedcompagny #MarathonPourTous #AlzheimerResearch

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