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    Distribution + Retail + E-Commerce

    The way the Distribution + Retail + E-Commerce sector operates is now totally reshaped, influenced by the profound changes in consumption, in the relationship with the world and the environment, and in digitisation.

    The different players, retailers, (BtoC) and professional (BtoB) distributors must redefine their identity and adapt to their customers’ expectations if they are to compete.

    The specific requirements to conduct a talent search in the sector
    Distribution + Retail + E-Commerce

    Recruitment is mainly around two specific functions.

    Purchasing is a major competitiveness issue for the company. It is complex because it can be applied differently depending on the internal issues.

    – The “direct or merchant purchasing” function is responsible for structuring negotiations, particularly on behalf of distributors. It must be able to work in parallel with the “Offer” teams. Depending on the organisation, some buyers need to have competence in both purchasing and procurement.

    – The “Indirect or service purchasing” function is a developing area and is increasingly strategic within companies as it represents a considerable source of savings. This family of indirect purchases includes information systems, car fleets, capex (capital expenditure), transport and travel, intellectual services, facilities management, overheads, maintenance, etc.

    – The “Industrial purchasing” function has become strategic in the current sensitive contexts of fluctuating prices of raw materials necessary for production, other supplies and energy.

    The supply chain can be integrated or outsourced; it is the key function that ensures the promise of available stock. It brings together the management of national or regional logistics centres, functions related to procurement, steering and stock management.

    Why call on Mind Partners?

    Mind Partners’ expertise in the Distribution + Retail + E-commerce sector is based on our in-depth understanding of the “production – sales – distribution – purchasing” chain and the various functions that contribute to this activity: negotiation, offer, trade, points of sale, operation, supply chain, sourcing, category management, and digital.

    Our knowledge of the sector extends to different types of organisation, whether centralised or decentralised, and to knowledge of many types of distribution networks (franchised, integrated, members…), groupings, and independent networks. The firm assists many players in the consumer and professional distribution ecosystems of their principal stakeholders (manufacturers, retailers, and service providers) with their recruitment. It has established numerous partnerships with agri-food and non-food retailers, both general and specialised (DIY, furniture, kitchen, decoration, household equipment, etc.), and other selective networks.

    In a nutshell!

    Depending on the need and the place in the distribution chain, we assist our clients in recruiting for a variety of occupations, from production to marketing, and from operations to support, regardless of the level of seniority and area of expertise required.

    Some typical assignments:

    For manufacturers

    Sales skills development: key accounts, sales management, sales departments, property, public, health, and professional market sales

    Structuring of service centres (ADV, SAV, etc.)

    Subsidiary creation and sales team structuring

    International market development, export management • Structuring of marketing teams, product managers, R&D, sourcing

    For distributors

    Specific roles: sourcing, negotiation, product manager, “category manager”

    Operations roles: regional management, store management, franchisee recruitment, International area management

    Support functions: purchasing control, digital marketing

    Contact us

    Our clients in the sector
    Distribution + Retail + E-Commerce

    Our clients include SMEs, intermediate-sized enterprises and large groups, manufacturers (household equipment, construction completion and tools) and distribution companies (supermarket distribution, specialised distribution, retail and trading/professional distribution).

    We support their development and increasing professionalisation by recruiting their experts.

    Our specialist consultants are here for you

    Thierry Kling


    Valéryane Elphick

    Managing Partner
    Mind Partners
    United Kingdom

    Trust Mind Partners' expertise!

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