Mind Partners also works alongside Investment Funds and Management Consulting firms.

We assist our clients in their most delicate phases of transition : reorganisation, creation of an executive committee and/or boards of directors, shareholder transition, international development and mergers & aquisitions activities. We bring our knowledge and expertise in recruiting the right individuals who ensure a seamless transition and help clients move into their next phase.

We have an international network of high performers who are looking to be a part of takeover projects. Those executives are open to the potential opportunity to add real value. CEO’s, shareholders, candidates, external advisers, we take the time to understand the perspectives of each of the key stakeholders in the recruitment process. Our role is to make sure we find clients the best possible solution adapted to each individual circumstance.

Example in assisting Investment Funds

  • Creation of 2 new Executive positions and structuring the board Committee* Company in a build-up phase, FMCG,

  • Recruitment of the Managing Director France for a company in a phase of international development * Retrail Start-up,

  • Recruitment of the Head of Supply Chain – Company under LBO * Pharmaceuticals,

  • Creation and recruitment of the Board Committee * Wholesale retail,

  • Structuration of the Human Resources Department* Plastic injection industry – company under LBO,

  • Recruitment of an Investment Director * Large-cap EMEA Private Equity Fund,

  • Recruitment of an Investment Director* Large Venture Fund,

  • Recruitment of a CFO* Mid-cap Private Equity Fund.

Example in assisting a Financial Institution

  • Recruitment of the Deputy Director General and the operations Director* French subsidiary of an International bank.

Our multicultural and international positioning is an asset and a key value. We can welcome you in our offices in London, Dublin and Paris.